Environmental Assessment and Planning

Environmental Impact Assessment is used to identify and understand the significant environmental consequences of a new development. It is an iterative process which identifies the potential impacts of a project, adopts measures to reduce or remove any negative effects, and then re-evaluates the residual/remaining effects. The potential impacts identified through EIA can then be weighed in the balance when a decision is made as to whether the development should proceed. The outcome of the EIA is reported in an Environmental Statement. 

Although most EIAs derive from legislative requirements, some developers of projects that may not actually require a formal EIA recognize the benefits of the process and the demonstration of environmental responsibility that comes with it. 

At Citseo Consulting, our experts deliver all stages of the EIA process, whether they be undertaking the entire EIA, or assisting at one or more of the key stages. We provide screening advice to determine whether a formal EIA is required under the Regulations, and a scoping analysis to determine which issues are significant for the project at the proposed site, enabling a fully focused EIA. We can carry out baseline studies to describe the existing situation at the site, and to identify environmental receptors that may be sensitive to the proposals

Compliance and Permiting

Citseo Consulting provides regulatory compliance and environmental permitting services for all types of projects. Our professionals support projects with a full range of permit acquisition and regulatory compliance services. Our experience working as a third‐party contractor and coordinating projects requiring permit applications at  federal and state regulatory agencies extends over a decade.

Social Assessment and Resettlement Planning

Citseo Consulting believes that early and appropriate consideration of social impacts of development projects and the implementation of effective impact management plans can result in higher earnings for the companies involved as well as benefit the environment and local communities.  Our specialists offer comprehensive services in determining impacts within the social, economic and political environments. 

We conduct baseline studies and assess potential socioeconomic impacts of development projects on demographics, education, health, physical infrastructure, water and energy, local economy, livelihoods, transport, land use, resettlement and cultural heritage.

In undertaking a social impact assessment, Citseo engages with stakeholders and local communities through mapping, active consultation, continuous engagement and feedback.

Contaminated Site Assessment

Our professionals have partnered  other engineering contractors to safely conduct contaminated site assessments (Phase I, II Environmental Site Assessment and remediation) at several oil-impacted sites.